Certification's Mission: 

The mission of the Orange County Public Schools Certification Office is to provide a highly qualified teacher in every classroom who cares that every student, every day, learns and achieves academically. 

Certification serves as a liaison between Orange County Public Schools and the Florida Department of Education (DOE) Certification to ensure compliance with state statutes and rules relative to educator certification.

You may contact the Certification Department at 407-317-3221 or via e-mail at certification@ocps.net.


IMPORTANT CERTIFICATION INFORMATION:  Not an education major, or thinking about changing careers?  Learn about the certification requirements for Florida by accessing the  Orange County Public School's Certification Information Session on-line anytime at http://teacher.ocps.net/mediafiles/certification/.  Computer access is provided in the ELC lobby to view the on-line session.


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 ESE Endorsement Reqirements


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