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Michael Eugene
Chief Operations Officer

407-317-3200 - Office       407-317-3492 - fax 

To discover more about the Operations Division and our departments please watch a short orientation video by clicking on the link below: 
 The Operations Division at OCPS is one of five teams that support the district's mission and goals and provides essential services to more than 185,000 students in 191 schools.   

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The Service Efforts and Accomplishments annual reports are found on the right side of this page.

The WoW! Recognition Program recognizes Operations Division Employees who have been caught in the act of providing STELLAR CUSTOMER SERVICE 
or going above and beyond to ensure A JOB WELL DONE!
If you are not an OCPS employee you can still recognize an Operations Division Employee!  Just email us at:  OpsRecognComm@ocps.net

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