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Q: Which of these possible remedies do you favor to solve the budget crisis in Florida? Select all that apply.

A: Tighten budgets without increasing taxes. 445 votes.

     Raise the excise tax on tobacco sales. 2273 votes.

     Review and repeal sales tax exemptions. 971 votes.

     Reinstate the intangibles tax on Florida’s wealthiest citizens. 1261 votes.

     Pass a temporary one-cent sales tax to help public schools across Florida. 2020 votes.

     Collect sales tax on Internet purchases. 1002 votes.

     Implement a state income tax. 350 votes.

     Raise property taxes. 319 votes.

     Tax goods and services. 528 votes.


Q: How many days of the school year do you think Florida Lottery proceeds pay for in the operation of Orange County public schools?

A:  1 (33.2% answered correctly)

     33.2% answered a. 1

     38.3% answered b. 16

     14.5% answered c. 25

     14.0% answered d. 30


Q: What percentage of OCPS operating revenue do you think is budgeted directly to schools?

A: 88% (21.7% answered correctly)

     5.8% answered a. 99%

     21.7% answered b. 88%

     23.3% answered c. 77%

     49.2% answered d. 66%