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7:20 AM - 2:11 PM MTTF
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Grade Levels: 9 - 12
Mascot: Wolf
School Colors: Purple and Black

Learning Community: EAST LC
Voting District: 2 ,



Main Phone: 321-235-7800
Front Office: ext 6147801
Attendance: ext 6147802
Registrar: ext 6147848
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Special Programs:

After School Programs:

Various Athletic Programs, Clubs


Multilingual: Spanish, German, Latin, Chinese, French



SAC, PTSA, Foundation, Athletic Boosters, Parent Leadership Council, Band Boosters

Current Enrollment:
Total: 3308

Grade 09: 822
Grade 10: 833
Grade 11: 850
Grade 12: 803


Facility Information:

Year built:
# of portables: 32
# of classrooms: 115
Building sq footage: 0
Portable sq footage: 0

School History:

Timber Creek High school was built in 2000 as a relief school for nearby University High School. Mr. John Wright was the founding Principal and remained at Timber Creek until 2012 when he became the Executive Area Director for the East Learning Community. Dr. Gabriel Berrio, who taught at Timber Creek prior to becoming a Principal is the current Principal. School Profile: Timber Creek High School, located in East Orange County, south of the University of Central Florida and the Research Park Complex, encompasses 97 acres. This attractive, prototype facility opened in August 2001 with many exciting features. The school consists of eight buildings clustered around a landscaped courtyard, 68 portables and use of the new Avalon Center for Technical Excellence, located across the street from the main Timber Creek campus. Attributes of the school include a closed circuit television production studio, a state-of-the-art performing arts center, specialized vocational and technical laboratories including a robotics laboratory, and an agribusiness complex. Each of the classrooms is furnished with audio-enhancement equipment. Athletic facilities include a 3800 seat stadium, a dance studio, weight rooms, and a 1900 seat gymnasium. Our media center integrates technology and print with three computer labs, access to eight on-line subscription services, and a collection of over 20,000 print and non-print items. The partnership with Winter Park Tech has provided needed classroom space, additional parking and access to a number of Winter Park Tech vocational programs. The Avalon Center for Technical Excellence campus provides a location for our community school, GED programs and new adult education programs and is available for patrons of the East Learning Community. The partnership with Winter Park Tech provides much needed space for Timber Creek students and is providing state of the art programs for both high school students and the surrounding adult population. The2012-2013 school year opened with 3,020 students. The student body is a reflection of the ever-increasing diversity in the community. Our programs are diverse and ever-expanding. Students may take advantage of such offerings as SAT/ACT preparation, numerous Advanced Placement courses, the AVID program, Student Success classes, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Exceptional Education curricula, the evening school program, and the COMPACT program. These options are designed to assist students and parents in selecting courses that will allow a student to take full advantage of high school opportunities and to personalize their educational programs. These programs are supported by an extremely talented faculty and excellent support staff. Additionally, Timber Creek is now recognized as one of the top 600 high schools nation-wide thanks to our Advanced Placement Program. In the 2007-08 school year, AP Chinese was offered to Timber Creek students. In addition to the strength of the TCHS curriculum, the school and community provide for the development of the students by other means. Timber Creek High School offers a number of diverse clubs and activities ranging from traditional to innovative clubs such as Art and Anime, Debate, and Robotics. Our band choir and orchestra have already been recognized nationally for their excellence. Timber Creek High School features an inclusive and active Student Government Association (SGA). Our students give many volunteer hours to the school and community, including an SGA sponsored outreach program that helps local elementary students develop stronger reading skills. We have established a private/public partnership with the developers of Avalon Park who donated our football stadium. We also share use of our facilities with the Avalon Park community. In opening the school, the whole community has donated time and money to establish a true community learning environment. We have earned several important education grants: The Florida Learn and Serve Grant and the Superintendent’s Grant. The Florida Learn and Serve Grant is a $15,000 grant in which high school students tutor the lowest 25% at Avalon Park Elementary School and complete other service projects. The Superintendent’s Grant of $25,000 provides a partnership with Barnie’s Coffee and Tea Company for a reading initiative. Timber Creek High School has earned numerous Darden and Citigroup grants. Timber Creek High School looks to the future to provide our students with a sense of wonder, a feeling of commitment to the community, knowledge of their own potential, and the means to achieve their potential. We will continue to establish traditions through innovation so that our students will be able to live rich and productive lives. School Vision: Timber Creek High School is leading the pack by educating and elevating students to higher achievement in a safe, state-of-the-art learning environment supported by staff, parents and community members. Our focus is to enable each student to engage in a rigorous, relevant and real-world learning experience.

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