Feb 16, 2012

Student invited to Operafestival di Roma

Talent and determination seem to have combined into perfect harmony for Olympia High School junior - Teresa Perrotta.  At 16, she will be one of the youngest performers to participate in the Operafestival di Roma, a prestigious summer program for up-and-coming opera singers that typically seeks college graduates and young professionals.
The Orange County school board recognized Teresa for her accomplishments during a recent school board meeting where she also performed for the school board members and the audience in attendance.

Olympia High School Chorus Director, Daniel Jackson, is pleased with Teresa being selected for this prominent program. “Teresa is one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever met. Her talent is a blessing, but her drive, determination and thirst for knowledge are the attributes that yield a successful musician. Beyond her musical abilities, I am impressed with the intangibles of her character. Her compassion, humility, integrity and work ethic have inspired many of her peers to “work a little harder”, “stay a little longer”, and “give a little more”. These characteristics make her a wonderful leader, person and a pleasure to have in my program.”