Mar 6, 2012

Multilingual Parent Leadership Council

School officials, parents, and students came together to discuss the importance of parent involvement in the lives of children and the impact it makes in their lives not only today, but in their future.
OCPS School Board members Daryl Flynn (District 2) and Kat Gordon (District 5) spoke of growing up with involved parents and the difference it made in their respective lives as well as the importance of parental involvements and the difference parents make each and every day in the lives of their children.
Guest speaker Grace Acevedo, Assistant Director for the Valencia College Transition Service Department, spoke of her troubled teenage years and the support of her parents through it all. As her parents looked on she spoke of being a teenage parent and high school dropout at age 16. She moved members of the audience to tears as she spoke of those monumental days she walked across the stage to receive her AA, BA and MA degrees thanking her parents for believing in her and how that support and belief is now passed down to her children.