Apr 25, 2012

Meet MyOn Madge

Waterbridge Elementary created a “face” or spokesperson to launch and sustain their motivational campaign for the online reading program, myOn Reader. Her name is myOn Madge. MyOn Madge is an older woman transplanted from New York. Madge shows up at Waterbridge Elementary at least once a week in her house coat, shower cap, and bright red lipstick to give updates and keep encouraging the students to keep reading.  She is on the announcements regularly but sometimes she visits classrooms to let the students know how very important it is to be an active reader! She has even been seen having lunch with some students as a reward for their accomplishments in reaching their reading goals. In just one month our students went from reading 1,563 books for the month of February to reading 11, 228 books in the month of March.  MyOn Madge has created such excitement and positive energy around the program that students want to spend every waking moment they can reading myOn reader books.