Dec 12, 2012

Students excited about writing

Freedom Middle School students and staff are celebrating their success in National Novel Writing Month which is recognized in November. Language Arts teacher Brad Shreffler said “I am immensely impressed with the hard work and dedication of our Freedom Middle School students.”
To give you an idea of how difficult what these students did was, a 50,000 word novel is roughly 110 pages in 11 point font.  This is a MASSIVE undertaking.  Many of these students were in Mr. Shreffler’s room EVERY morning in the month of November from 8:30 to 9:15 a.m. to write.  Most of them wrote during every free second in class and at home.   The vast majority of students in this group spent a significant number of hours over their Thanksgiving break writing, voluntarily.  Many of these students stayed after school on a regular basis to write.  A bunch of them even came wrote during lunch periods.
In the end, Freedom Middle had 15 students complete their word goal and four of those students made the full adult goal, not a reduced goal.  As a group, these students wrote 622,266 words!  That is about 1,369 pages! To see results and the amount of words the students wrote, click on the link below.
Here are a few quotes from students about how they did it. Sammy Naji said, “The support from my family helped.  And Mr. Shreffler introduced it to us.  He told us about it, gave us some great advice.  And he was a great role model because he did it with us, and he completed it last year so I knew I could do it.” Ruby Raulerson said, “It was exhilarating, because I have never had anything that awesome happen to me before!  I was shaking I was so excited, and I turned to Mr. Shreffler and just said “I wrote a book!” Camilla Jimenez said, “I was attracted by the sense of freedom it provided.  I like using my creativity and I love writing, plus, I really wanted to just see if I could do it.  I love a challenge!  And it was worth it because now I have a place to escape: my writing!”