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West Learning Community Updates

Site 73-T-W-7 10% Program Verification Community Meeting 08.26.19

Site 113-H-W-4 100% Design Construction Kick-off Community Meeting 08.19.2019

Water Spring ES Sneak Peek 07.29.19

Site 85-E-W-4 100% Design/Construction Kick-off Presentation 04.15.19 

Rolling Hills ES 100% Design/Construction Kick-off Presentation 04.15.19

Magnolia ESE Campus 100% Design/Construction Kick-off Presentation 04.08.19

Site 85-E-W-4 100% Design/Construction Kick-off Presentation 04.15.19 

Magnolia ESE Campus 100% Design/Construction Kick-off Presentation 04.08.19

Site 113-H-W-4 30% Design Presentation 03.07.19

Acceleration West 60% Design Presentation 03.06.19

Site 49-E-W-4 40% Construction Presentation 01.28.19

Site 113-H-W-4 10% Design/Program Verification Presentation 01.23.19

Dedications celebrate 11 New or rebuilt OCPS Schools 10.05.18

Maxey ES Dedication 11.13.18

Pine Hills Elementary Dedication 11.07.18

Rolling Hills ES 30% Design Presentation 09.06.18

Magnolia-Gateway-Cherokee 30% Design Presentation 08.08.18

Pine Hills ES Sneak Peek 08.06.18

Maxey ES Sneak Peek 08.08.18

Frangus ES Sneak Peek 08.09.18

Facilities Board Presentation 03.29.18

Site 49-E-W-4 100% Design Presentation 3.1.18

Pine Hills ES 40% Construction Presentation 2.26.18

Carver MS Dedication 2.15.18

Frangus ES 40% Construction Presentation 2.12.18

Windermere High School takes top state architectural award 2.2.18

Rock Lake ES Dedication 2.8.18

Site 49-E-W-4 1005 Design Meeting 3.1.18

Mollie Ray ES Dedication 1.30.18

Maxey ES 40% Construction Presentation 1.22.18

Pine Hills ES 40% Construction Meeting 2.26.18

Frangus ES 40% Construction Community Meeting 2.12.18

Maxey ES 40% Construction Community Meeting 1.22.18

Westpointe ES Dedication 11.8.17

Site 49-E-W-4 30% Design Presentation 10.11.17

Site 49-E-W-4 30% Design Meeting 10.11.17

Ivey Lane ES Sneak Peek 8.7.17

Oak Hill ES Sneak Peek 8.2.17

Windermere HS Sneak Peek 8.2.17

Westpointe ES Sneak Peek 7.31.17

Sneak Peek for Carver Middle School 7.26.17

Sneak Peek for Rock Lake Elementary 7.24.17

Current Construction Projects

10-year Capital Project List 2018-19

Frangus ES

Magnolia ESE Campus

Pine Hills ES

Pine Hills  Compound

Rolling Hills ES

Water Spring ES

Site 73-T-W-7 (OTC Westside Campus) 

Site 85-E-W-4

Site 113-H-W-4

Site 207-E-W-7 (Maxey ES Relief)

OCPS Projects and News

Oak Hill ES Groundbreaking and Construction update 01.25.17

Windermere HS 40 percent Construction presentation 11.02.16

Orange County Public Schools set to reopen Monday 10.8.16

Eight new, renovated OCPS schools to hold dedications 10.01.16

10-year Capital Project List 2016-17

Five new, renovated or replaced schools to hold Sneak Peeks 08.03.16

Capital Budget Work Session 05.19.2016

HostDime closes on 5 acre Hungerford Prep land purchase 5.31.16

Solar Energy Presentation 5.12.16

2016-17 Capital Budget workshop 05.19.2016

Facilities Settlement Agreement Update 5.10.16

OCPS, FDOT to offer first vendor-training class 04.22.16

Subcontractors sought for eight elementary school projects 04.27.16

Annual Facilities School Board Update 04.19.16

Five major school projects begin construction 3.16.16

Developers sought for Hungerford Prep property 3.16.16

Sales Tax Schools Project List 1.25.16

OCPS wins Florida Green School Award 11.23.15

Six new schools to be dedicated 11.09.15

New Avalon area MS approved 10.06.15

New Schools 08.19.15

Summer construction and capital renewal 7.01.15

Green Day Event 5.12.15

Avalon MS Relief-Rejected 5.12.15

West Orange HS Relief-Approval 5.05.15

Sales Tax Resolution 2015

Change Determination Presentation to Orange County 12.8.14

Renovations Continue with Extension of Sales Tax 08.26.14

New Sales Tax Funded Schools Welcome Students Aug. 18

Custodial job fair 6.10.2015

District Maps

Schools in Community


Citrus, Dillard Street, Frangus

Hiawassee, Independence

Ivey Lane, Keene's Crossing,

 Lake Whitney, Maxey, MetroWest,

Mollie Ray, Oak Hill, Ocoee, 

Orange Center, Orlo Vista, Pine Hills,

Rolling Hills

Rock Lake, Sunridge, ThorneBrooke,

Tildenville, Water Spring,

West Oaks, 

Westpointe, Whispering Oak, 


OCPS Academic Center for Excellence (ACE),

Windy Ridge School K-8


Bridgewater, Carver, Gotha, Lakeview, Ocoee,

 Robinswood, SunRidge,


Ocoee, Olympia, West Orange, Windermere