Print to Post is a convenience provided for district mass mailings, both standard (bulk) and first class.  Printing Services and the Mail Center will process a simple job within one week unless there are special requirements or it is an extremely busy time for Printing Services and the Mail Center.  (i.e. two weeks prior to schools opening, additional time may be required.)

NOTE:  An account strip will be required for billing purposes.

We Can Help!

Printing Services and Mail Services are working together to make sending Standard (Bulk) Mail quicker and easier. In the past we have sent newsletters, flyers and letters for individual schools as well as for specific groups of students, i.e. all Exceptional Education students, all 8th graders for Magnet programs, and the entire student population.

We are capable of sending these mailings to the families in various languages according to what the parent or guardian has marked as the language spoken at home. The mailings have included everything from postcards to large envelopes.

If there are questions regarding the layout of the mail piece, contact Printing Services at [email protected] or 407.850.5110. For questions regarding addressing and mailing, contact the Mail Center at [email protected] or 407.317.3446

Print to Post Process

The Printing Services section, in conjunction with Mail and Courier Services located at the RBELC, offer a service that allows you to communicate with greater effectiveness to your families and customers!

This service, known as Print-To-Post, works like this:

    1. The school or department creates a mail piece with information that needs to get to parents/customers, being sure to leave 1/2 page blank for the inclusion of the mailing information.
    2. Submit to the Printing Services for postal insignia addition and printing. 
    3. Copy the Mail Center and include the following information:
      •Chargeback account number
      •Include all students or a specific grade level
      •Is it to be sent to each student or one per family?
      •Requested Mailing date
    4. The Printing Services staff prints, folds, and tabs the pieces per USPS regulations using Bulk Mail Standards.
    5. The finished pieces are then transported to the RBELC Mail Center where staff will print the student names and addresses.  
    6. The mailing manifest and finished pieces are transported to the U.S. Post Office.

The printing is billed to the school by the Printing Services department, and the postage is billed by the Mail and Courier Services. For a quote on the printing piece, please contact the Printing Services office. For an estimate on the cost of the postage, please contact the RBELC Mail Center, (407) 317-3446.