Ordering a New Print Request
Employees may use our online ordering platform This storefront will give you the chance to see pricing before you place the order, proof your document as well as track your job submissions progress through the printing process.

Steps to create an account:

1. Employees may go to the website: (save as one of your favorites).

2. Sign in with your OCPS Credentials. (Your Username and Password)

3. In the upper right-hand corner, complete your account info including your cost center and shipping address.
6 Digit Function Area __/10 Digit Cost Center(Location)__/10 Digit Fund__/ 7 Digit grant (Opt)

The GL Account is not needed, Printing is charged back to GL 4390030000.

4. You now have access to our Digital Storefront-Web CRD.

Quick Tips

1. All files uploaded must be in PDF format. Only upload what you want printed! (do not include extra pages you want us to remove).

2. On the Home page: Choose Files-click Go

3. Once your item is in your cart you must click the green Preview/Change Options to select printing instructions (play with this, 2-sided booklets are usually less expensive that 2-sided and stapled. You can go in and change options to see different pricing as many times as you like before final submission).

4. Remember to enter Quantity wanted. Also, be sure to Select a Shipping Method.

5. You must check the box: R I have viewed the proof/preview, approve the document for printing and affirm all copyright materials meet the requirements of Management Directive B-7.

6. Place Order-If... your order was placed you will see a button in the upper right-hand side to Print Receipt and you will receive a confirmation email.

7. If this does not happen, your order was not placed. There was an error which would be indicated by a colored ribbon at the top of the page stating what the problem is that needs to be corrected before final submission.

Our service level agreement for standard orders is 5 business days. We also offer a Rush service for turnarounds less than 5 business days at a surcharge of 25% of the order.