For the convenience of the schools and departments that do mass mailings, both standard (bulk) and first class, we are able to provide a service called “Print to Post.” You can send a printing job to Print Services and know it will be sent without you having to do anything else. We will print, fold, tab, check and address your mail piece, fill out the postal forms, and deliver your mail to the United States Post Office for delivery. Not only is this easier for you, it will actually save you money on postage and probably on the cost of printing, plus your addresses will be correct and bar-coded for faster delivery.

For a basic job we estimate approximately one week from receipt at Print Services to delivery at the United States Postal Service. You should plan three days for delivery through the Postal Service to local addresses (those with a zip code starting with 328). Large or labor intensive jobs may take longer.

Call the Mail Center at (407) 317-3446 or Print Services at (407) 850-5110 for other information or assistance with this process.

You will need to furnish the account strip where your printing and mailing costs will be charged. The G/L for printing is 4393 and the G/L for mail center is 4371.

For more information on Print to Post, please Visit the Printing Services.

Let Us Help

Printing Services and Mail Services are working together to make sending Standard (Bulk) Mail quicker and easier. In the past we have sent newsletters, flyers and letters for individual schools as well as for specific groups of students i.e. all Exceptional Education students, all 8th graders for Magnet programs, and the entire student population.

We are capable of sending these mailings to the families in various languages according to what the parent or guardian has marked as the language spoken at home. The mailings have included everything from postcards to large envelopes.