Horizon West Middle School Sneak Peek
Posted on 07/25/2019
Future Horizon West Students

From left to right: Rodrigo Gucciardi, Gilberto Carcedo, Ricardo Carrero, Guillermo Carcedo, Sebastiàn Castillo, Allan Gomez all come together, excited to see their new campus 

The Horizon West community said hello to its newest middle school during a sneak peek on July 24th. Horizon West Middle opened its doors as parents and students marveled at the wonder that this new campus held within its walls. This beautiful new campus relieves Bridgewater Middle School, taking 900 of its students. 

                                                Nicholas Simpson   Girls in Cafeteria             Girls in gym         
                                           Nicholas Simpson enjoys       Friends check out the        Besties have fun in the brand
                                                       his new gym                 cafeteria                                  new gymnasium  

After seeing the excitement that this Sneak Peek brought these students, it is safe to say that these new hornets are ready to get buzzy this school year! 

                                       Samantha and Juan Dorta         Boy in science class             Two boys in library
                                         Samantha and Juan Dorta     Student tries out the desk  Friends relax in the media center's 
                                          sit in the library's new              in the new science room                      sitting area  
                                                studying area