There is much research regarding the benefits of a later school start time for adolescents.  Many factors play into the creation of a realistic and feasible bell schedule (school start times). 

The commitment of the district is to develop start time models that maximize the use of the buses and keep costs at a minimum. In the past, other start time models added significant costs for more buses and more drivers. Due to budgetary constraints, those models were eliminated from consideration.  

A thorough analysis of school start times takes time. The School Board members and administration are committed to explore options and their consequences. 

Four Models Presentation - There is a link below to a presentation that will provide a short summary of how bus routes are created; and to inform you of the four cost-neutral start time models that were developed for consideration.  

This is the beginning of the review process. Can start times change with no or little cost impact?

Survey - There is another link below to a survey to gather your thoughts and input about the start time models. The survey is one step in a process to help frame deliberations about the possible implementation of later school start times.

Research - Throughout, we will continue to share resources and research on this web page of what we are considering and reviewing. 

Thank you in advance for your support and input as we look for the best ways to serve our students, staff, and the community.

Four Models Presentation

Watch and listen to a presentation about four models under consideration for new school start times (7:54 minutes).

Take Start Time Survey

To answer questions with background knowledge of the four models, please watch the Four Models Presentation before taking the survey (approximately a 5 minute survey).


  • September 18 - Lake Nona HS
  • September 18 - Evans HS
  • September 19 - Ocoee HS (6:30 PM)
  • October 10 - Oak Ridge HS
  • October 10 - Timber Creek
  • October 14 - Edgewater HS
  • October 15 - Cypress Creek HS
  • October 29 - Winter Park 9th Gr Ctr
  • October 29 - Jones HS
  • October 30 - Olympia HS
  • October 30 - East River HS

Meetings are at 6 PM in Media Center.


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