• If your student wishes to participate in the Grab and Go meal program but their disability makes it difficult to be present, please let the meal attendant aware of this and you will get a meal for your child

Key Points

  • Due to the State’s decision to close all Florida schools, the delivery of your child’s education model will, by necessity, be different during the time that schools are temporarily closed
  • Your child will be temporarily educated through the District’s distance learning program
  • Your child’s instructors will alter the instruction, and mode of instruction as best possible to specifically meet your child’s individualized needs
  • Distance Learning will commence on 03/30
  • The platforms available for your child’s instruction, if they are appropriate, are digital, telephonic and/or paper/pencil
  • As we move forward with this new process, please collaborate with your child’s teacher as we determine how to best provide instruction in this new format
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