Training and Support for ESE Families

Dear Families & Educators,

My name is Anjanette McGee-Cason, I am one of your Central Florida Parent Specialists at FDLRS-FIN Action. I am here to help you navigate through these new educational virtual norms. Please feel free to reach out to me so that I can assist you with digital resources to help your child reach their potential with academic success.


Anjanette McGee-Cason
Gifted Specialist
ASD Specialist
Parent Specialist

What is FDLRS?

Florida Diagnostic & Learning Resources System (FDLRS) Action Resource Center provides an array of instructional support services to exceptional student education programs in Orange, Osceola, Lake Seminole and Sumter Counties. It is a collaborative network that supports educators and families by providing learning opportunities ranging from preventive to intervention to maximize student achievement.

Available Parent & Educator Trainings to assist with Virtual Learning

  • Helping your Child Cope
  • ABC's of Behavior
  • Setting up your Learning Environment at home for success!
  • The Anxious Child
  • Social Stories/Social Tales
  • Simplified Learning *for students on the spectrum or have special needs
  • Addressing Special Needs in a Virtual Environment
  • And much more!

The direct link to access the trainings:

*Parents & Educators can register online for future FREE trainings.

FDLRS Contact and Social Media



Phone: (407) 317-3660

Email: [email protected]