Distance Assistance- Bookmark Sites

OCPS has two distance learning sites you should considering bookmarking on a personal computer or installing on mobile devices today: Classlink LaunchPad for Students and the OCPS Distance Learning Site. The OCPS ClassLink LaunchPad for students is their one-stop shop for online platforms. With just one password they can get access to all OCPS has to offer. 

Distance Assistance- Set a Daily Routine

When students are engaging in distance learning they may have several assignments due on one day, and without a normal bell schedule to guide them they could get overwhelmed. Help them by developing a daily routine that fits your family. Here are a few samples. 

Distance Assistance- Use LaunchPad

Classlink LaunchPad is the single sign-on portal for students and staff. It provides one click access to all of our applications without remembering a bunch of passwords. LaunchPad can be used on a desktop or mobile devices. Check out one of these videos to learn how to use LaunchPad on your device.


Distance Assistance- Plan Your Week

Online or offline- distance Learning is new for everyone! In many cases your child's teacher may provide assignments that are due by the end of the week. Help your students avoid the Friday crunch by planning out their week, so distance learning fits your family's lifestyle. Try these tools to help! 

Distance Assistance- Install Apps

OCPS has important mobile apps you may want to consider installing on your student's mobile devices like a phone and/or tablets!  Apps available for iOS and Android devices. 
Distance Assistance- Get Teacher Help

During distance learning, your child's teachers are available to students at least 3 hours each day for "office hours" and help! Do you know when it is and how they would like to be contacted? If not reach out and ask. Here is a handy dandy document to help you keep track of it all. 

  • Distance Assistance Communication Plan K-5 (PDF)
  • Distance Assistance Communication Plan K-5 (Google Doc- OCPS Students Only)
  • Distance Assistance Communication Plan 6-12 (PDF)
  • Distance Assistance Communication Plan 6-12 (Google Doc- OCPS Students Only)