graphic depiction of OCPS LaunchED@Home

The Innovative OCPS [email protected] Model provides the opportunity for students to continue to learn at home while remaining registered at their enrolled school. This model is designed for families who don’t feel comfortable sending their children back to school but ultimately plan to rejoin their enrolled school in the future.

Based on the number of parents who choose this option, students will be placed in classes where all students are learning from home or a portion of the class is learning from home. 
In both environments, students will follow the standard school schedule and bell times.

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OCPS [email protected] Key Features

  • Fully accredited

  • OCPS public school

  • K-12 students able to learn from home

  • Students are taught virtually by an OCPS teacher streaming live

  • Lessons taught during standard school hours

  • Grades K-5 follow standard arrival and dismissal bells

  • Grades 6-12 follow traditional period-by-period bell schedule

  • Stay connected with enrolled school and community

  • Continue receiving the services your child needs at your enrolled school or in a real-time virtual manner

  • Maintain enrollment status at your brick-and-mortar school with ability to transition back to face-to-face instruction at the end of the semester or when possible


What to Expect

  • Teachers will provide daily instruction utilizing web conferencing technology.

  • The daily student-teacher interactions will provide a structure similar to that in a classroom setting where teachers will facilitate and guide student learning.

  • The curriculum and seat time will mirror face-to-face instruction.

A day in the [email protected] Life of an Elementary School Student (Environment A)
A day in the [email protected] Life of an Elementary School Student (Environment B)

Additional Supports

In addition to live lessons, teachers can:
  • Hold online class meetings

  • Respond to individual students daily

  • Provide real-time support and progress monitoring virtually

  • Make appointments for face-to-face meetings with students as requested

  • Request student services


Best for Families Who...

  • Would like to maintain their connection to their enrolled school

  • Are not ready to send their child(ren) back to school for the first semester

  • Are available during traditional school hours

  • Can ensure students log on at designated times

Best for Students Who...

  • Successfully participate in video calls with family and friends now

  • Successfully participated in distance learning in the spring

  • Work well independently at home

  • Are comfortable using a computer and keyboard

  • Enjoy interacting online