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This page is dedicated to getting started tips for students and their families. Please view the windows below for a look at what the first day of [email protected] will look like for your child. Below the videos are helpful tips for families to make the first week a success. 
Utilize LaunchPad

LaunchPad Image
Classlink LaunchPad is the single sign-on portal for students and staff. It provides one click access to all of our applications without remembering a bunch of passwords. LaunchPad can be used on a desktop or mobile devices. It is the default page for students when they are logged in to the Google Chrome browser with their OCPS email address. Check out one of these videos to learn how to use LaunchPad on your device.




Prepare for Live Lessons

A key feature of the [email protected] model is daily live lessons which occur through one of two video conferencing platforms: Microsoft Teams or BigBlueButton(Canvas Conferences). Before your first live lesson, make sure your child has their device placed on a hard surface and that the webcam is roughly at their eye level. They should be sitting far enough away that the teacher can see them from the shoulder up. It is also helpful, but not required, for students to either sit facing a window or have desk lamp on near them. 

web cam placement              webcam lighting

BigBlueButton (Canvas Conferences)

Microsoft Teams



Install Student Apps
Image of LaunchPad and Canvas

OCPS provided tablets and laptops come with all of the applications your child needs pre-installed. But OCPS also has important mobile apps you may want to consider installing on your student's mobile devices like a phone and/or tablets if you choose to use a personal device!  Apps available for iOS and Android devices. 


 Canvas Student

Microsoft Teams

Plan Your Week
Image of Canvas Calendar

Online or offline- LaunchED is new for everyone! In some cases your child's teacher may provide assignments that are due by the end of the week. Help your students avoid the Friday crunch by planning out their week, so [email protected] fits your family's lifestyle. Try these tools to help!