OCPS responds to CTA declaring impasse
Posted on 10/29/2020
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Categorical funds of $27.8 million were provided by the State of Florida for the mandated minimum teacher raise to $47,500. In addition to the salary increase, OCPS and the CTA had already come to an agreement on a 1.27 percent raise to all classroom teachers that were already above the new minimum salary within the guidelines the State placed on the funds. The CTA was instrumental in determining the amount beyond the minimum requirement. Unfortunately, the Orange County Classroom Teachers Association (CTA) today declared impasse for negotiations regarding using these funds for raises for the district’s 14,125 teachers and other matters.

The sticking point: there were 109 Voluntary Pre-K teachers who were intentionally excluded by the State from the categorical funds (but please note: ESE Pre-K teachers were not excluded). The CTA requested that the district provide raises for those 109 VPK teachers, at a cost of more than $200,000. But during these turbulent times while the district is doing everything it can to preserve jobs, OCPS is not able to offer raises to other employees not included in the mandated funds (i.e. classified staff). Also, the district cannot use non-recurring funds for recurring expenses such as salary raises.  

Outside of the restricted state funds, no other raises for employees were under consideration at this time. OCPS negotiators stated that should the State or federal government provide additional funds or if the State holds the district harmless for enrollment shortfalls in the coming months compensation for other employees could be considered, however the CTA still declared impasse.

In the five-county region, Orange County Public Schools is the only district currently offering the full $47,500 for those with salaries under that amount, and going beyond that to offer 1.27 percent raise for all teachers who already make more than $47,500.

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