Community Agency Provision of School-Based Mental Health Service

SEDNET 7A coordinates the provision of community agency provided school-based mental health services to Orange County Public Schools. OCPS has Cooperative Agreements with 16 local community agencies who provide a variety of services to students who are in need of emotional or behavioral support.

Services are typically funded through Medicaid, Family Services Planning Team (FSPT), private insurance, or by other funding streams available to the agencies. The model for service delivery is for the agency staff to provide services to the child both at school and at home. Services provided at school will take place during non-core academic time. Services offered include individual or group counseling for students.

Referral Process:

Each school has a mental health designee who makes referrals for the services provided by the partnering agencies. The contact person at the school is typically a School Counselor, SAFE Coordinator, or other designee who contacts the parent/guardian to determine if they are interested in school-based mental health services for their child. If written consent is received from the parent, a referral form is sent to one of the 16 partner agencies. The partner agency then contacts the family to discuss the types of services they can provide in more detail, and a plan is devised together to address the needs of the child and family.

If you are interested in receiving school-based mental health services for your child, contact one of the above listed school employees at your child's school to start the referral process or to obtain further information.

Agencies with a Cooperative Agreement to provide School-Based Mental Health Counseling services for 2021-2022:

    1. A Better Therapy

    2. A Great Life Services Inc.

    3. Adapt Behavioral Services

    4. Advanced Psychiatric Solutions

    5. Anthropos

    6. Aspire Health Partners 

    7. Big Bear Behavioral Health 

    8. Children's Home Society of Florida

    9. Chrysalis Health 

    10. Devereux Florida

    11. Hispanic Family Counseling

    12. Impower

    13. Kinder Konsulting and Parents Too

    14. North Star Counseling of Central Florida