Areas of Focus:
  • Capacity building to support implementation of effective system of care practices

  • Technical assistance and training

  • Interagency collaboration

  • Systems of care and educational legislation and policy

  • Parent and youth development and involvement

SEDNET 7A Additional Initiatives:

  • Facilitation of School-Based Partnerships with Mental Health Agencies. We are available to assist schools with:

    • Establishing services by these providers at schools.

    • Reviewing pertinent laws, rules, regulations, policies and funding streams.

    • Identifying and selecting mental health or behavior support providers.

    • Developing procedures to coordinate services according to the school’s unique needs.

    • Developing processes to track and assess the impact of these services.

  • Provision of Information and Referral Assistance

    • Information regarding mental health and related support services for students and families is available.

    • Parents or other primary caregivers are also welcome to contact us for information to access education, mental health, behavior support,or other related social services.

  • Consultation

    • SEDNET 7A staff are available to meet with schools, parents, and other child-serving systems to discuss issues related to students with mental health needs.

  • Presentations and Training

    • SEDNET 7A staff are available to conduct presentations for school faculty, parents, and community organizations. Presentations are tailored to meet the needs of your school or agency. Presentations can be conducted in-person or via webinar format.