Transitional Bilingual Program

This program model utilizes two languages for the purpose of instruction. It provides continued language and literacy development in the native language – as well as providing English language acquisition through academic content. This program model provides grade-level subject matter in English and Spanish. The students who participate in this program are ELL (English Language Learners) and Spanish is their native language. Once a student no longer qualifies for the ESOL program, students are transitioned to a mainstream classroom with 100% instruction in English. Schools follow the bilingual feeder pattern for schools that service other schools besides their own population.


Transitional Bilingual Program Schools

Kindergarten thru 2nd - Oakshire Elementary

Kindergarten thru 3rd - Sadler Elementary

1st thru 2nd - Shingle Creek Elementary

Kindergarten thru 2nd - Waterbridge Elementary

Kindergarten thru 2nd - Wyndham Lakes Elementary

                3rd - Zellwood Elementary