Sheltered Instruction

(ELA and/or Subject Area Courses) Sheltered instruction is a process whereby grade level content area material is made comprehensible to English Language Learners (ELLs). All students in a sheltered classroom are ELLs and the target population are students that are considered newcomers (first year learning the English language). The objective of this model is to provide for the simultaneous development of content area skills and English language proficiency. Students may be scheduled in a sheltered English Language Arts course and/or sheltered subject are course(s). In a Sheltered Instruction classroom, the curriculum is the same as the regular classroom, but the presentation of concepts and materials are adjusted to accommodate the English language learner. Concepts and subject matter are presented in English using adaptations and accommodations according to the level of English proficiency of the students. The curriculum is rigorous, challenging and interactive. It reflects the grade level standards. The prior knowledge and cultural background of the student are recognized and incorporated into the curriculum.
Please note that not all schools offer sheltered instruction as an option.