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April 4, 2019 "Digital Messages for the 21st Century Learner"



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Hello all,


Thank you for registering for the third Virtual Parent Academy of the 2018-2019 school year, titled “Digital Messages for 21st Century Learners.”


You are invited to participate in a Virtual OCPS Parent Academy session through Safari Montage Live from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thurs., April 4, 2019 from 6 p.m to 7 p.m. The topic is “Digital Messages for the 21st Century Learners”. This event will provide you with different strategies both parents and students can use to use digital messaging and technology to assist in the element of increasing learning.



There will be three rooms to choose from: an English room, a Spanish room, and a Haitian Creole room. Please choose which room you will be joining. Each of these rooms will be in the language stated. When you join the room, please use your first and last name in the guest text box. This will let us know that you are in attendance.

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Should you have any questions, please contact the OCPS Parent Academy Community Engagement Team, via email at or call the Parent Academy Hotline at 407.317.3300.


The following links are the recorded sessions from the December 6, 2018  Parent Academy; 

"With Math We Can": 



Haitian Creole