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Ms. Moore was elected to the Orange County School board in the fall of 2008 and served as Vice-Chair from 2012-2013. She chaired the Board’s Communication Committee for seven years, is a Certified Board Member and served on the Board of Directors for the Florida School Board's Association. Additionally, she is a member of the the United Arts of Central Florida and Mayor Teresa Jacob’s Child Abuse Commission.

Ms. Moore is strongly committed to the preservation and enhancement of arts education.  In February 2010,  Ms. Moore staged the inaugural Apopka Arts and Jazz Festival.  This large annual festival highlights student art, music and drama in her district.  In 2015, the Board was honored with School Board of the Year from the Florida Arts Education Alliance.  Maintaining schools and promoting the history of school facilities and host communities have also been priorities for Ms. Moore.  She began a School Beautification Award program in 2012 which annually maintains and improves school grounds.  In 2015, she began working with local museums, artists and photographers to create museum-quality history exhibits in each of the new elementary schools.  Additionally, she wrote a children's local history book, Ahapopka: The History of Apopka and It's Elementary Schools and yearly visits each school to instruct 4th grade students.  She also began two spirit days in Ocoee elementary schools.

Ms. Moore is a member of the Apopka and West Orange Chambers of Commerce, Museum of the Apopkans, Winter Garden Heritage Foundation, Orange County History Center and Friends of the Wekiva.  She plays in the orchestra at Trinity Baptist Church.

Ms. Moore is a cum laude graduate of the University of Michigan.  She is a licensed real estate agent and freelance musician.  She has two grown children and two granddaughters.


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Address: P.O. Box 271
Orlando, FL 32802
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Facilities Board Workshop 3.16.2017

Beautification Initiative 2.0

Beautification Initiative Information

Bleacher Stadium Seating - April 2012
On Channel 9 Eyewitness News, Christine Moore was interviewed about the stadium seating at local area high schools

Importance of Arts in Education - February 2011
On FOX 35 Morning Show, Christine Moore was interviewed about the Apopka Arts and Jazz Festival and the importance of arts in education

Class Size Interview - October 2010
Christine Moore spoke to FOX 35 Morning Show about Amendment 8 and meeting class size requirements

Represented Schools


Apopka, Citrus, Clay Springs, Dillard Street, Dream Lake, Lakeville, Lockhart, Lovell, Maxey, Ocoee, Prairie Lake, Rock Springs, Spring Lake, SunRidge, Tildenville, Wheatley, Wolf Lake and Zellwood


Apopka, Lakeview, Ocoee, Piedmont Lakes, SunRidge and Wolf Lake


Apopka, Ocoee and Wekiva