Career Placement

The Purpose of this course is to enable students with an Individualized Education Plan to apply career knowledge and skills necessary to identify career options, access community resources and apply work-related behaviors in a legal paid employment environment. The course will support the students' success on the job aimed at further progress toward achieving the student's post-school outcomes related to a career. 

Students can earn multiple credits in this course sequentially (over several years) or simultaneously (multiple credits in one year- depends on hours worked).

1 Credit=    5 or more hours per week (20 per/month)
2 Credits=  10 or more hours per week (40 per/month) 3 Credits=  15 or more hours per week (60 per/month)

If you or your student would benefit from this service, please contact your Career Placement Teacher.
WANTED Students with jobs

Working Valid Jobs at least 5 hours weekly - IEP Required
REWARD: Elective Credits, Boost your GPA, Earn $$$m Make Future Plans

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Quick Guide to Career Placement

  • Students participate in paid work experience with appropriate supports
  • Transportation NOT provided by OCPS
  • Students monitored by an ESE teacher
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Career Placement
Teacher Contact

Colette Kemmer
Oak Ridge, Cypress Creek,
Lake Nona, Freedom

Stacie Rocke
Boone, Colonial, Edgewater, Jones

Jim Mattingly
Olympia, Dr. Phillips, Apopka, Ocoee

Patreasa Haywood
Evans, Wekiva, West Orange, Windermere, Acceleration West

Annie Smith
University, East River,
Timber Creek, Winter Park