teacher qualifications

Every teacher shall provide to the Employment Services Department a valid Florida or District teaching certificate, or evidence of having qualified and applied for one within forty (40) duty days following initial employment, except as provided by Florida Statutes. Currently, schools notify parents whose children may be in the classroom with a teacher who is teaching out of the field of their certification. To continue teaching in out-of-field subject areas, teachers must take yearly courses or the appropriate subject area exams. You may learn more about this by contacting your school principal.

report cards and progress reports

Report cards are sent home every nine weeks to provide information about your child’s progress in school, including grades, behavior and attendance. Grades reflect a teacher’s assessment of your child’s classroom performance based on tests, projects, checklists, classroom assignments, homework and classroom observations. A teacher may indicate on the report card that a conference is needed. Some schools use a parent conference to distribute the report card. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions about your child’s progress in school. Midway through the grading period, each student will take home a progress report so that the student and his or her parent or guardian will have an idea of how the student is progressing.