Guidance and Academic Advisement

Student Progression and graduation

Each student’s progression to the next grade level is determined by proficiency in reading, writing, science and mathematics, including specific levels of performance on statewide assessments at selected grade levels, if administered. Retention decisions are based on more than a single test score. Students who do not meet these performance levels must receive remediation or be retained within an intensive program that is different from the prior-year’s program. For retained students in all grades, subsequent during-year promotion is permitted if performance requirements are met. The principal has the responsibility for all final decisions regarding initial placement, non promotion and promotion with remediation. Decisions will be based on the instructional needs of the child.
Students entering third grade in 2021-22 will be required to achieve a Level 2 or higher on the statewide, standardized English Language Arts (ELA) assessment for Grade 3 in order to meet promotion requirements. The score will be determined in the spring, ensuring that students are appropriately identified for retention or promotion. Students not meeting this criteria may still meet promotion requirements through one-of-six good-cause exemptions.
For grades 4 and 5, if a student does not achieve a Level 2 or higher on the ELA Florida Standards Assessment, the student may be retained. However, students who score a Level 1 may be promoted if they successfully meet specific criteria that provides evidence of proficiency in reading. This criteria is provided to the schools each year in the spring.
To be promoted in grades 6 through 8, middle school students will be required to successfully pass the equivalent of four full-year courses, three of which must be from the areas of ELA, mathematics, science and social studies. Per state law, an eighth-grade student is required to pass three courses in ELA, mathematics, science and social studies (one semester of which must include civics education) in order to be promoted to high school. In addition, a state-approved, standalone, or integrated course to meet the career and education planning requirement must be completed.
Students entering 10th grade and/or taking Algebra 1 in 2020-21 will be required to achieve a certain passing score on the respective 10th grade ELA test and the Algebra 1 assessment in order to meet graduation requirements. These students will have the opportunity to retake this assessment if needed. Students also must earn a grade point average of a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale and earn the appropriate course credit requirements for a standard high school diploma. One online course needs to be completed before graduation. Please visit to access the Student Progression Plan.

Report cards and progress reports

Report cards are available via Skyward Family Access and sent home every nine weeks to provide information about your child’s progress in school, including grades, behavior and attendance. Grades reflect a teacher’s assessment of your child’s classroom performance based on tests, projects, checklists, classroom assignments, homework and classroom observations. A teacher may indicate on the report card that a conference is needed. Some schools use a parent conference to distribute the report card. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions about your child’s progress in school. Midway through the grading period, each student will be provided a progress report so that the student and his or her parent or guardian will have an idea of how the student is progressing.  

GRaduation Credits

Because of changes in state law, high school graduation requirements for the 2020-2021 school year are available on the Department of Education website,, under Graduation Requirements.