Code of Student Conduct

Social Media Awareness Guidelines

Video: Safe Harbor

Video: Taking Photos

Visit our Student Health Page

Learn all about resources available for students, including immunizations, clinics, vision care, and more.

OCPS Stellar Scholars

2016 Super Scholars & More

Lists of National Merit Award students and Super Scholars accepted by top-20 universities and colleges, and U.S. service academies.

Scholarship Opportunities

FAFSA Financial Aid Nights Schedule

Come in and get help filling out your FAFSA scholarship form

FAFSA Application

A YouTube video from the U.S. Department of Education tells you about how FAFSA can help you get financial aid for college.

Scholarships for Seniors

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SpeakOut Hotline

800.423.8477 - Give students a voice in the fight against school violence and crime

Dress Code
Free Membership to Magic Gyms!

Get a free Youth Membership (ages 8 – 17) to use Orlando Magic gyms or game rooms at assigned times.


Learning Communities
Principal List

Principal, school, address and phone.

Are We There Yet?

Safety tips for walkers and riders to and from school.