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The Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) Reapportionment Advisory Committee (RAC) is a seventeen member committee of Orange County residents that will review census data to recommend new boundaries for the seven representative districts to the Orange County School Board (OCSB).

The RAC works to redraw political boundaries. The work of the RAC will not affect school attendance or school zones at this time.

RAC members and their respective districts can be found on the “Membership” page on this site.

                   Reapportionment Process Basics

Section 1001.36, Florida Statutes, requires the School Board to reconsider and reconfigure the boundaries for its seven districts at least once every 10 years to comport with the latest Census figures. A Resolution adopted by the School Board on May 10, 2011, created the 2011 RAC to make recommendations as to the configuration of those districts. Each Board Member nominated two members to the RAC. The Board Chairman nominated three additional members for a total number of 17 members on the Committee. 

On or before November 1, 2011, the RAC endeavors to submit to the School Board its proposal(s) for reapportioning Orange County into seven districts of contiguous and compact territory as nearly equal in population as practicable.  The School Board intends to adopt the reapportionment plan prior to January 1, 2012. The Committee will rely on a number of factors to create the new districts. In developing its recommendations, the Committee shall take into consideration the geography of the neighborhoods and current school attendance zones and the demographics of the county, while preserving communities of interests and avoiding the disqualification of any incumbent school board member for the duration of his or her term.

Input is anticipated and encouraged from local civic groups and members of the general public at each of the RAC meetings. Meeting dates and locations are posted on this site.

General media coverage is intended to increase awareness and participation in the process. Finally, through the use of this website, members will be able to obtain additional input from the public as to the configuration of the districts. Please see the “Send Us Your Comments” section of this site.

The resulting Committee recommendation will then be considered by the School Board. After at least one public hearing, the Board will either ratify or reject the Committee’s proposal. The final result will be a new series of districts created to insure that all citizens have equal representation and to accommodate the changes in population throughout our County. For more information on this process, please contact us at or call (407) 317-3411.


Reapportionment Update:
December 13, 2011 - The School Board of Orange County held its regularly scheduled Board Meeting on December 13, 2011. The folllowing is a highlight from the meeting:

The Reapportionment Advisory Committee (RAC) provided four proposals for consideration after 16 public meetings and three work sessions over a six month period. The school board reviewed the final four proposals in two work sessions before deciding on Proposal 13A with some additional changes and modifications. The reapportionment plan of the seven school board districts will continue to be adjoining compact territories that are close to equal in population. The school board district lines considered the geography of the neighborhoods, the current school attendance zones, and the demographics of Orange County while preserving communities of interests and avoiding the disqualification of any incumbent Board member for the duration of any term  Please see "12/13/2011 Resolution" under the "Documents" section (below).




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