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Welcome to the Non Public Services Website 

The ESE Non Public Services department provides Child Find services to students who do not participate in the public school system. These services include assistance in initially determining if a non-public school student may need special education services, and conducting reevaluations for identified students with disabilities.
OCPS also partners with Orange County non-profit private schools to provide support and services to students with disabilities.These services are determined through the Meaningful Consultation process that takes place between the OCPS and private schools designees on an annual basis.
The services to be received by affirmed non-profit private schools and their students for the  2014-2015 school year include:
    Direct speech services
    Direct language services for significantly impaired students in self-contained classrooms at special schools
    Professional learning opportunities during the summer and school year
    Mini workshops for teachers and administrators
The Non Public Services Office
  • Serves over 800 parentally placed private school students with disabilities
  • Offered over 100 professional learning opportunities to private school staff to date
  • Provided professional learning trainings to over 500 private school teachers and staff that work with students with disabilities to date

Interesting Facts about Private Schools in Orange County

  • 176 private schools 
  • 51 for-profit private schools
  • 125 not-for-profit private schools
  • 55 not-for-profit schools have partnered with OCPS 
  • Over 2100 students enrolled in private schools in Orange County
























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Beverly Knestrick
Director ESE Policy

Non Public Services Support

Phone 407-317-3501

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