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The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act – I.D.E.A. 2004 revised the process of support to private school students with disabilities (SWD). The district ESE department provides support to parentally-placed private school students with disabilities, their parents, and  teachers and administrators at local private schools.

OCPS operates a separate office for the child find of students who are not attending a public school. The Non Public Services office is located in the school board's Tampa Avenue complex. Parents arrange appointments for screenings through an intake process. The district also works with private schools in implementing the mandates of I.D.E.A. relative to student and parents' rights for Students with Disabilities (SWD).

 Celebrating Success!

After the training on Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) and Intervention Resources, we celebrate success:
"Thank you again for all of the information and training during the summer. I have implemented ideas from the intervention resources/sites. Even though it's only the 2nd week of school, I have seen progress in my students. I was really concerned about a particular student with a severe challenge in Phonics/ Reading. I took your advice and administered an assessment to identify specific needs and found a way to generate a word bank/list for him from the list of resource suggestions you provided. Amazingly, this little boy obtained a perfect score on his first Spelling Test...EVER!!!!!!! He initiates games with other students as a method of practicing words and Reading, something he has never done. He was able to read and comprehend a small passage from a story and was ecstatic (so was I).
Today, I celebrate his success and more to come!!! Thank you both!!! In appreciation of your time, talent and service to children, RaVonda Butler - Tri-L Christian Academy "
After the Bringing Words to Life training, we celebrate success:
"I enjoyed the seminar and learned so much. The seminar was a good length and moved along smoothly. Yesterday I had an opportunity to put into practice what was learned at the seminar. We began our day by reading the book, First Day Jitters, and I had picked out vocabulary words ahead of time to introduce to the students. They were very receptive but later in the day one of my students put his new knowledge into practice. We were returning from the playground and I remarked on how many of the children were "sweaty" because it was hot outside. One boy said, "yes, and my hands are clammy." "Clammy" was one of the words we had learned that morning! I want to thank your team for the time and preparation you put into preparing for the seminar. I am anxious to continue "bringing words to life" this school year! Sincerely, Cindy Skeen - Trinity Christian School "

 Professional Learning in Action!

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 Professional Learning Opportunities


The Non Public Services offered five different professional learning trainings from July 31st through August 16th!

30 different schools participated!
  • The ABC's of Supporting all Students had 146 participants
  • Bringing Words to Life had 66 participants
  • The Big 5 Components of Reading had 43 participants
  • Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) had 76 participants
  • Intervention Resources had 45 participants

Professional learning opportunities will continue throughout the year!




Thank you to all the schools who attended Professional Learning this summer and during pre-planning.  Special Kudos to these schools for sending the largest number of participants to one or more Professional Learning events:

IBN Seena: The IBN Seena staff (14) attended four trainings this summer:  ABCs for Supporting All Students on 7/31/12, Bringing Words to Life on 8/2/12, Multi-Tiered System of Supports on 8/7/12, and The Big 5 Components of Reading on 8/9/12!
Agape Christian Academy:  The Agape staff (17) attended the Multi-Tiered System of Supports on 8/14/12 and 8/16/12 as well as the Intervention Resources on 8/14/12 and 8/16/12!
Faith Christian:  The Faith Christian staff (31) attended ABCs for Supporting All Students together on 8/7/12!
Good Shepherd Catholic School:  The Good Shepherd Catholic School's staff (31) attended the ABCs for Supporting All Students on 8/14/12! Thank you also to Good Shepherd for hosting the training.
Trinity Christian:  The Trinity Christian staff (15) attended Bringing Words to Life on 8/16/12!
Victory Prep Christian Academy: The Victory Prep staff (7) attended three trainings this summer:  ABCs for Supporting All Students on 7/31/12, Bringing Words to Life on 8/2/12, The Big 5 Components of Reading on 8/9/12!


First Baptist Church of Orlando: Thank you for your hospitality and facilities!





 Non Public Pages





Beverly Knestrick
Director ESE Policy

Nancy Lynch


Office Hours
Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 4:00 pm

434 North Tampa Ave. Orlando, Florida 32805


 Fun Facts!


174 Private Schools in Orange County  (as noted on state list)

51 for-profit schools

123 not-for-profit schools

60 schools partnered with OCPS (of the 123 not-for-profit schools)

There are over 1800 students enrolled in private schools in Orange County. 

 Non Public serves over 800 parentally placed private school students with disabilities, in addition to private school teachers, administrators, and parents.