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The information on this page is intended for
 parents with children in private school by parent choice.
Please select the options below to learn more about the process for determining if your student has a disability, or currently has a disability and needs a reevaluation. There are other useful links to information as well.

Important Documents

Parent Input Form 

Student Background Information Form

Procedural Safeguards (English)



Initial Eligibility Process

This process is intended for general education students struggling with academics and/or speech and language skills.

**Prior to calling the Non Public office, it is strongly encouraged that you collaborate with your student's Private School to:

    • Identify struggling students through a universal screener (typically administered three times a year)
    • Have continual communication with school regarding your student'sacademic progress
    • Meet with the school-based team to develop a support plan for your student (as needed)
    • Collaborate on interventions (both home and school) specific to your student's area of weakness
    • Communicate with school on progress monitoring data to assess intervention effectiveness and level of response
    • Please note - certain medical/behavioral concerns are best addressed by medical professionals
    • The Non Public office provides services, as determined through meaningful consultation with the schools, to students identified with a Specific Learning Disability, Language Impairment, or Speech Impairment.
  • IEPs are a public school document and will not be provided after the process is complete

Reevaluation Process

This process is intended for students identified with a disability in need of reevaluation (occurs every three years).
  • Who needs a reevaluation?
    • Students with IEPs, Service Plans, or identified disabilities
    • Students who have had 3 years pass since last evaluation
  • What occurs during a reevaluation?
    • Data is gathered from the private school on recent progress with curriculum
    • Formal assessments may be administered, as needed, to gain a clear picture of student's present level of performance
  • Please note:
    • IEPs are a public school document and will not be provided after the reevaluation is complete
    • Being dismissed or continuing in an ESE program does not affect a student's McKay scholarship 


If you suspect your child may be gifted, please contact your local zoned public school to set up a screening/evaluation.


Home Education

Our office facilitates identifying students with disabilities, and conducting reevaluations for students in private schools or affiliated with a private home education program. Please reference the appropriate sections above for more information.
If your student is educated through OCPS Home Education, please contact your local zoned public school for evaluations.