InD Rule

FLDOE Rule 6A-6.03011
effective January 4, 2009 combines eligibility categories of educable mentally handicapped, trainable mentally handicapped and profoundly mentally handicapped into the single category of "Intellectual Disabilities."  To read the entire rule revision, click here.

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May 11, 2016


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 The Family Cafe


The 18th Annual Family Cafe is set for June 10-12, 2016, at the Hyatt Regency Orlando. This three-day event provides a venue for people with unique abilities and their families to learn about available services, connect with policy makers and network with each other. It features dozens of breakout sessions, a full Exhibit Hall, a series of keynotes and multiple opportunities to interact with other families informally.

There is no registration fee for individuals with unique abilities and their family members or caregivers. Professionals are required to pay a $150 registration fee.Click here for more information.

 Bike Camp


5th Annual iCan Bike Camp
For any child (over 8) or an adult who doesn't yet know how to ride a bike, this is the perfect camp for this summer. Camp will run July 31-August 5 at the Orange County Convention Center.

To register for Bike Camp click here. There is a $25 application fee due upon registration that will go towards the camp fee. Fee will be returned if applicant cannot be scheduled.

 Interesting Reading:

Grace in the Ordinary
A great blog written by a parent about her son with Down Syndrome and his interest in Macbeth.
The Green Anole
Exemplifies how a teacher got through to a student by teaching the curriculum in spite of his disabilities.

 No Child Left Behind


 Parents:  Click here to download your FREE copy of Learning Opportunities For Your Child Through Alternate Assessments  

A U.S. Department of Education booklet which will introduce parents to the "big ideas" contained in school improvement efforts under NCLB and IDEA, and provide information you need to help ensure your child can benefit from these efforts.


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