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Behavior Coaches are Instructional Support Teachers who support all schools within OCPS. The Behavior Coaches are assigned specific schools based on the Learning Community and the feeder pattern of the Emotional Behavioral Disabled Elementary Center Site. They provide behavior support by conducting observations and making recommendations for behavior interventions along with developing capacity at each school.  Behavior Coaches meet with site-based teams to provide specialized training, consultation to child study teams, and assist with monitoring of students who exhibit behavioral concerns. 

Behavior Coaches also work very closely with our specialized center sites that support our more behaviorally challenged students. They collaborate with the center site team regularly to build capacity at the host school. This is accomplished through staff development, regular E/BD center site meetings and progress monitoring of student data; providing information, intervention and strategy suggestions for developing FBA/BIP's and assistance with classroom management and organization skills. In addition, the Behavior Coach works with the team to build a strong foundation of behavioral knowledge with both the E/BD center site staff and school support. This collaborative approach assists the team to individualized interventions, increase student success and address behavior concerns school wide.  

To request assistance please complete the ESE Support Form and return to you Learning Community Program Specialist. A link to this document is located on the Resource tab



 Behavior Coaches


Maureen Gale                                        Shauna Lasbury

maureen.gale@ocps.net                          shauna.lasbury@ocps.net


Eric Medina                                          Kristina Cook

eric.medina@ocps.net                             kristina.cook@ocps.net


Contessa Robinson                               Lynn Nienstadt

contessa.robinson@ocps.net                  lynn.nienstadt@ocps.net


Paula jackson-Wright                             Sarah Poor-Drewes

paula.jackson-wright@ocps.net       sarah.poor-drewes@cops.net





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