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The Parent Leadership Council


Pursuant to the META Consent Decree Part II-H: Parental involvement and participation in ELL student's educational programming and academic achievement “shall be promoted, among other ways by establishing Parent Leadership Councils at each school or at the district level composed in the majority of parents of ELL students.  The purpose of the PLC, in accordance to the bylaws established by Orange County Public Schools is to:

·    To promote the welfare of English Language Learners (ELL) in the schools, home, and community

·    To ensure that ELL students are achieving their full potential

·    To provide any input or objections to OCPS prior to OCPS submitting their ELL plan to the Department of Education

·    To develop relationships between the parents, school personnel and district personnel that promote collaboration

·    To develop positive, professional relationships between administrators, teachers, and parents

·    To provide training opportunities and information for parents, parent groups, teachers, school staff or community groups that will empower parents to become active participants in their child’s education

·    To provide outreach and ensure that the parents of ELL students are informed and involved in their child’s education. 

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