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Welcome to the LaunchED 1-to-1 Digital Learning Program
Orange County Public Schools is committed to researching innovative digital curriculum, instruction, and assessment models. The LaunchED program was developed using the results of a two year pilot program which provided the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of an innovative curriculum, instruction, or assessment model on a small scale. The LaunchED program provides each student and teacher in  schools that have LaunchED their own device to use in a blended learning environment.  Parents can use this site to find information about the LaunchED program. 

Orange County Public Schools is committed to identifying the most effective methods to educate our future!
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Student Devices Cohort I

The intial phase of the program used a variety of device platorms and form factors alongside cloud-based curriculum to identify the most scalable combination of device and curricula.  

​​​​​​​​Student Devices Cohort I​I & III

The second phase of the program used those results to standardize future device purchases for secondary schools on the Windows 8.1 platform. ​​All students in Cohort II and III  are provided with either a Levovo Yoga IIe or HP 310 which features a touchscreen and the ability to be used in four flexible modes. 


Parents or students who need help troubleshooting their Lenovo can click here for assitance. 


 Points of Contact


Program Email Address


Teaching and Learning

Mariel Milano- Director

Digital Curriculum & Instructional Design


ext. 200-2066


Chris Ariotti- Program Manager

Digital Curriculum Technology


ext. 200-2312

Risk Management

Tricia Cottman- Senior Manager


ext. 200-2656


Karen Bukowski- Sr. Supervisor

FIscal Capital Renewal and Portables

Public Relations

Dylan Thomas- Director


ext. 200-2978

Safety and Security

Bruce Canal- Sr. Administrator


ext. 200-2060


Kristine Rodriguez- Director


ext. 200-3219


Janet Bush- Director


ext. 200-2464


 Permission Forms


Digital Learning Permission Forms can be accessed and signed digitally by logging in to your ProgressBook ParentAccess account. If you do now know yoru ProgressBook ParentAccess account information, please contact your child's school.