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Welcome to School Choice Services of OCPS 
The Office of School Choice Services assists in increasing awareness among parents and other community members about voluntary public school choice options in Florida.
School Choice means providing parents the opportunity to be involved in selecting the school their child will attend. Florida's Independent Education and Parental Choice initiative hopes to allow all of Florida's children the opportunity to receive the highest quality of education available to them.
Our goal is to provide services and assistance needed to help children receive the education that best meets their needs.
Dr. Christopher Bernier
Associate Superintendent
School Choice Services
407-317-3200 x 2004184 
Gregory Moody
Executive Area Director
School Choice Services
407-317-3200 x2002853
Phone Number
Email Address
Acceleration Academy East
Doug Loftus Principal
Acceleration Academy West
George Morse  Principal
Alternative Education
William Tovine Principal
407-245-1555 x2112221
Alternative Education
Ima McCray Assistant Principal
Alternative Education
Daniel Toffoli Assistant Principal
407-245-1555 x2112225
Alternative Education
Beverly Middleton Assistant Principal
Charter Schools
 Dr. Kia Scott
Director, School Choice
407-317-3200  x2002677
Charter Schools
Gina Dole
Senior Administrator
407-317-3200  x2002596
Rocky Robinson  Program Manager
407-317-3200  x2002796
Home Education
Toney Shoemaker Section Leader
Home Education
Regina Garrido  Support Services
407-317-3200  x2002870
In-School Suspension
Keith Baber  Instructional Support
407-317-3200  x2002889
Magnet Programs
Dr. Kimberly R. Marlow
Director, School Choice
407-317-3200  x2002804
Magnet Programs
Soraya Smith Senior Administrator
407-317-3200  x2002862
Magnet Programs
Lea Bolves Instructional Support
407-317-3200  x2002767
Magnet Programs
Beth Anne Cuda  
Instructional Support
407-317-3200 x2002961
Orange County Virtual School
Brandi Gurley Principal
Orange County Virtual School
Mickey Diaz Noriega
School Secretary Bookkeeper
School Age Services
Dr. Maria Rincon-Dwyer
Program Specialist
School Age Services
Francine D’Angelo  Program Coordinator
407-317-3200  x2002033
School Age Services
Kathleen Jennings Training Representative
407-317-3200  x2002842
School Age Services
Dawn Dominguez  Admin. Secretary
407-317-3200  x2002728
Teen Parent Program
Vionette Montes Instructional Support
407-317-320  x2002777
Teen Parent Program
Sue Buckridge  Program Assistant
407-317-3200  x2002598
School Choice Services
Phyllis Eaton  Senior Executive  Assistant
407-317-3200  x2004184
​School Choice Services
Janelle Bermudez  Administrative Secretary​
407-317-3200 x2002853





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School Choice Services will not be assigning magnet students for the 2015-16 school year.


Please Join Us!

High School Magnet Fair

The 2016-17 High School Magnet Fair will be held Thursday, November 5, 2015 5:30 - 8:00 PM
Evans High School
4949 Silver Star Road
Orlando, FL 32808

Elementary and Middle School Magnet Fair

The 2016-17 Elementary and Middle School Magnet Fair will be held
Thursday, November 12, 2015
5:30 - 8:00 PM

Colonial High School
6100 Oleander Drive
Orlando, FL 32807



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