Articulated credit is a process by which a high school student may earn college credit through successful completion of certain high school courses where students achieve learning outcomes, skills and abilities comparable to those covered in a college course. This process is outlined in a written, formal agreement between the school district and college. This allows high school students to move smoothly into postsecondary education without experiencing delay or duplication of courses. The college credit is not awarded until the student is enrolled at the college issuing the articulation agreement and until the student has satisfactorily completed a designated number of credit hours or terms. Because the courses involved are at the high school level, the student pays no tuition.

Orange Technical College PSAV Program Valencia College A.S. Degree Program Credits
Electronic Technology Electronics Engineering Technology 15
Drafting Drafting and Design Technology 9 - 15
Building Construction Technology Construction & Civil Engineering 3 - 9
Electricity Construction & Civil Engineering 3
Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Construction & Civil Engineering
Energy Management & Controls
Digital Audio Production Sound and Music Technology Up to 9
Digital Video Technology Digital Medial Technology 10
Game/Simulation/Animation - Visual Design Digital Medial Technology 9
Game/Simulation/Animation - Audio/Video Effects Digital Medial Technology 9
Fundamental Foodservice Skills Culinary Management
Baking and Pastry Management
Restaurant & Foodservice Management
9 - 12
Digital Media/Multimedia Design Graphics & Interactive Design Up to 9
Enterprise Desktop and Mobile Support Network Engineering Technology
Computer Information Technology
3 - 6
Enterprise Network and Server Support Network Engineering Technology
Computer Information Technology
3 - 6
Lodging Operations Hospitality and Tourism Management 9 - 12
Dental Assisting Dental Hygiene 9
Web Development Computer Programming and Analysis
Computer Information Technology
Digital Media Technology
3 - 9
3 - 9
Up to 5
Modeling Simulation Production Computer Programming and Analysis
Computer Information Technology
Up to 9
3D Animation Technology Digital Media Technology 9
Game/Simulation/Animation - Programming Computer Programming and Analysis
Computer Information Technology
Up to 6
Practical Nursing Nursing, Accelerated Track 12
Emergency Medical Technician Emergency Medical Services
Fire Science Technology
Accounting Operations Office Administration
Accounting Technology
Up to 6
Digital Cinema Production Digital Media Technology
Entertainment Design & Technology
Up to 22
Up to 7
Medical Laboratory Assisting Biotechnology Laboratory Sciences 4
Medical Coder/Biller Health Information Technology
Medical Administration
Administrative Office Specialist Office Administration 18
Medical Assisting Medical Office Administration 6
Medical Records Transcribing Medical Office Administration 15
Medical Administrative Specialist Medical Office Administration 18
Multiple Programs Supervision & Management for
Industry (see agreement)
24 - 27