Curriculum Enrichment Videos

OCPS is pleased to offer your child an enrichment opportunity this school year. Enrichment videos for our Pre K-2 students provide standards-aligned resources supporting foundational learning. These standards are very important for a successful 2020-2021 school year for our students. Each month you will find 2-3 videos per grade level for language arts and mathematics. These videos move through grade level work learned during school and/or provide a review.

Channel 24.5, WUCF/OCPS Education

OCPS has also entered into a collaboration with WUCF to provide over the air access to the enrichment videos on channel 24.5, WUCF/OCPS Education! Access to the channel will require an over the air TV antenna. Antennas can be purchased at your local store that sells technology for TVs, if needed.

How to Watch the Enrichment Videos on WUCF

To access the new channel you will need to do a “rescan” on your TV. To do this, click the menu button on your remote, then settings, then rescan. For help with the rescan process, you can call the FCC rescan hotline at 1-888-CALLFCC /888-225-5322.

How to Watch the Enrichment Videos on YouTube

A YouTube playlist has been created of all the enrichment videos. New videos will be added to the playlist each month.

How to Watch the Enrichment Videos in Canvas

Video's will be available on the student's Canvas dashboard in a Canvas course. You can also find a publicly available Canvas link at:  

For more information or support with Canvas, please visit the following link: