Financial Liability

Parents/Guardians/Students are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement if the digital device is:

  • accidentally damaged,
  • intentionally damaged,
  • damaged due to negligence,
  • lost due to negligence,
  • not returned at the end of the year or upon withdrawal, and/or
  • stolen but not reported to local law enforcement
Students are made aware that damage of any school property is a violation of the OCPS Code of Student Conduct when they review it annually. 

Parents/Guardians must indicate whether they require a printed copy of the Code of Student Conduct this form is signed by your child at school.This form is signed annually by your child at school. Please sign and return the parent/guardian form to your child's school. Failure or refusal to sign this acknowledgement form will not relieve a student or the parent/guardian of the responsibility for compliance with the code or accountability for loss or damage to OCPS property. For parents/guardians of students in grades 6-12, this form may be recorded electronically. 

Fine Schedule

The fine schedule and assessment form can be found below by selecting the link below.

Requesting Repair Costs

Repairs are made by an external vendor and the district is invoiced after the fact. As a result, repair costs may not be immediately known or available. Repair costs can be requested by contacting the school administration. If there is a difference between the actual cost of repair and the fine paid by the family, a refund will be issued by the school bookkeeper.

Paying Fines

Fines are due at the time they are assessed. Fines can be paid in the school media center daily in cash or via School Pay. SchoolPay is the preferred method used to pay fines, where available.

Payment Plans

If unable to pay the fine in full at the time assessed, please contact the school for needs-based payment plan options. All financial obligations must be settled by graduation or withdrawal from school, whichever comes first.

Disputing Fines

If you would like to dispute a fine that has been assessed, please contact your school principal in writing. Any fine disputes that are not able to be resolved at the school level can be addressed to the learning community. The decision of the learning community Area Superintendent is final. 

Fine Duration and Portability

Fines which are not paid in full by the end of the school year roll forward to the following school year until graduation. Fines are connected to a student not to a school. When students move between schools, fines convey between schools.