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Remaining Textbook Management

In accordance with the Digital Instructional Materials Plan, there are no further scheduled shipments of textbooks to your schools, with the exception of any print supplements included with our new adoption and the World Language annual workbooks (new workbook as requested by district schools, different than 2016-17). If any other consumables are desired, they must be directly requested as they are not shipped automatically.  If you still have print barcoded materials to return, please wait for the shipping window to reopen.

Shipments to the Textbook Storage Facility are currently suspended.  Check back for future updates.

  • Please maintain/manage consumable class sets – they will not be replaced
  • When scheduling deliveries, either to the TSF or other school sites, please use this link:
  • If shipping textbooks via pallet, make sure the stacks of loose books are tight, uniform in height, and no higher than about waist high
  • If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact Thomas Chang @ 407-317-3200 x 200-2762