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Ordering/Re-Ordering Guidelines

Please first check the responses from the OCPS Textbook Excess Sharing Sheet to see if any schools are offering the materials needed. The textbook manager may reach out directly to the school to inquire about the availability of the materials. If the materials needed are not being offered, the textbook manager may access the OCPS Textbook Request Form to submit orders for materials supplied by the Textbook Storage Facility. 

After submitting forms for the requested products, send an email to the appropriate Area Administrator to notify them of the order and include a copy of this link to the OCPS Textbook Requests Sheet . Textbook Managers may also use this link to check on the status of the order. The appropriate Area Administrator must approve all requests for the Textbook Storage Facility to fulfill. 

*Please note that a
ny Destiny incoming transfers from the Textbook Storage Facility will be received on behalf of the Textbook Manager after 1 month of the transfer date, and will count toward the receiving school’s textbook inventory. Please be sure to receive transfers and resolve discrepancies in a timely manner.


Area Administrators

LC Approvals


Tony Bolyard


Charlie Russ


Dalila Hernandez


Demiki Joiner


Valencia Boyd



Click here for contact information with ordering ESE materials

Senior Administrator, Teaching & Learning

Click here for contact information with ordering large print or braille materials 

Senior Administrator, Specialized Instruction





Thomas Chang
Senior Administrator, Curriculum and Digital Learning
Orange County Public Schools
445 West Amelia Street
Orlando, FL 32801
407.317.3200, ext. 2002762

Curriculum Associates

iReady, LAFS, MAFS, STARS, CARS, CAMS, STAMS, Phonics for Reading, and Ready Writing materials were not adopted by the School Board. These materials must be purchased by the schools independently and directly from the vendor.

Courtney Claud |  Educational Sales Consultant

Curriculum Associates 

C: 727.504.7154