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OCPS Surplus Materials

In accordance with Florida Statute 1006.41, Disposal of Instructional Materials, OCPS will provide a removal service for approved materials from individual school locations. Please use the below Q & A section below to help determine how to handle surplus materials. Future pick-up opportunities are currently going through the Procurement process to update the contract for these services.

Surplus Instructional Materials Policies/Procedure:


  • Each school must assign a school employee to serve as an escort for the duration of the pick-up - delivery personnel are exempt from requiring badges 
  • There must be paved parking accessible to a large shipping truck
  • The surplus textbook storage area must be ground level at the perimeter of the campus
  • The path between the parking area and the surplus textbook storage area must be
    • A reasonably short distance
    • Ground level only
    • Continuous and uninterrupted by stairs, elevators, and obstructions
    • Entirely accessible to a pallet jack, hand-truck, or any other method of transport that needs wide clearance and a concrete surface
    • Double doors only with the option to remove the mullion
    • Low-traffic and away from the students
    • Free of flammable or toxic materials
    • Safe for everyone
  • The textbooks in the textbook surplus storage area must be neatly prepared  in a single room on your campus, and not in various areas around the campus. 

Labeling materials - All materials to be picked up for surplus must be clearly labelled. A pdf of the label will be posted when available.

Any event impacting the pickup, such as testing, science fair, book fair, etc., must be reported in order to accommodate the pickup. 

Surplus Instructional Materials FAQ's:

Q: What is considered Surplus? 
A: Surplus instructional material includes items no longer under adoption, or are current materials which are too damaged to be issued to students. Items still under adoption may not be disposed of as surplus, or donated to any organization outside of OCPS. All barcoded items sent to surplus must first be removed from Destiny.

Q: How do I get rid of materials that nobody wants? 
A: We will have a contract for a service who will come to your school and pick them up. The contact information will be provided below. DO NOT THROW BOOKS/CD's/DVD's IN DUMPSTERS.

Q: What do I do with old VHS tapes? 
A: Fill out a Prop-4 form and send it OCPS Surplus Services. They will coordinate the pickup of all VHS tapes for all OCPS sites.

Q: Will Follett pickup CD's and DVD's now? In the past, this was a big no-no. 
A: No again.  Fill out a Prop-4 form and send it OCPS Surplus Services.  They will coordinate the pickup of all CD's and DVD's for all OCPS sites.

Q: What if the items have bar codes and are in my Destiny textbook inventory? 
A: They must be removed from the Destiny inventory prior to pick-up. Please do not remove the barcode itself as it lessens the resale value, but we recommend you mark through the barcode with a permanent marker.

Q: Can I just send surplus items to the warehouse? 
A: No.  The warehouse does not store surplus instructional materials and books nor do we have the funding to transport surplus materials around the district. Please follow the schedule as listed below. If you have missed all scheduled dates, another surplus cycle will be scheduled shortly.

Q: Will the service pick up materials wherever they are located around the campus? 
A: No. Materials need to be gathered centrally to a single place on campus and labeled for using a pdf that will be provided in case you are not there to receive them.

Q: What do I do with all of the consumables that the students do not want to take home for the summer? 
A: Schedule a pickup using a provided form (coming soon). We do not want instructional materials in OCPS dumpsters, even if they are used consumables.


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