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Textbook Barcoding Services Procedures

OCPS is partnered with Follett to provide textbook barcoding services for selected schools and selected products that will be entered into Follett Destiny Resource Manager and subject to the annual inventory process.

The selected schools will be notified as soon as possible to prepare for the service. The preparations are critical to the process, and must be followed with fidelity in order to receive the service. Schools may be responsible for completing their own barcoding at their own expense if the conditions are not met.

School preparations and responsibilities are as follows:

  • The School Textbook Manager will communicate to appropriate personnel (administrative, main office staff, reception desk, custodial, etc.) all of the information sent by email from the district office
  • Submit this form on the same day that every textbook shipment arrives at your school Verification of Textbook Shipments
  • You may confirm your verification at (be sure to scroll to the bottom if your entry has not yet been sorted to the top). 
  • The barcoding services will begin on the Monday that the district re-opens  (after the week of July 4th)
  • The barcoding services will not go beyond the week prior to pre-planning
  • The form is critical for assisting Follett with the schedule and communicating when the materials are available for barcoding (Follett will contact the main office of the school in a timely manner to arrange a day when they expect to visit your school)
  • Have well-informed school personnel representative(s) on-site beginning on the Monday that the district re-opens (after the week of July 4th), and through to post-planning
  • Allow the barcoding teams access to the pallets of materials from 7:30am to 5:00pm
  • Ensure that all pallets of textbooks are centrally located in an area such as the cafeteria
  • Ensure that accommodations are available for the barcoding teams (access to functional restrooms and supplies, AC, electrical outlets, furniture, bins, etc.)

The Follett barcoding teams ARE responsible for:

  • Communicating a day when the school may expect their arrival 
  • Arranging the tables and trash bins as needed
  • Breaking down the pallets of textbooks
  • Opening the boxes of textbooks as selected by the district office
  • Sorting the selected textbooks onto tables
  • Applying barcode labels and security strips to the products selected by the district office
  • Scanning the barcoded products into a Destiny compatible file that will be sent to the district office
  • Leaving the materials neatly organized on the tables
  • Stacking the empty boxes neatly in the cafeteria (or breaking them down and stacked if requested in a timely manner by the on-site school personnel)
  • Disposing of all unusable waste and packing materials in the provided trash bins
  • Wrapping up the service so that school personnel may leave by 5:00pm

The Follett barcoding teams are NOT responsible for:

  • Arriving on a day selected by the school
  • Moving any pallets to a central location
  • Moving accommodations (tables, trash bins, etc.) to the central location
  • Providing barcoding service to textbooks that are not selected by the district office
  • Re-packaging the materials back into their boxes
  • Moving the materials out of the central location
  • Moving pallets, empty boxes or trash out of the central location
  • Rearranging the tables
  • Locking up or securing any part of the campus

For all inquiries concerning the barcoding services project, please contact Follett School Solutions at the following email address:

Be sure to include your School Name in all correspondence.