image of row of school busesThe 2018-2019 OCPS Sustainability Goal is to save 172,830 gallons of diesel fuel over the baseline year of FY 2014-2015. This year, the District exceeded the goal and avoided 146,485 gallons!

 In school year 2018-2019, OCPS Transportation Services Department transported 69,282 students each day in approximately 860 buses. This year 1.8 million were driven by our buses, yet due to numerous operational efficiencies undertaken by the Department, a reduction in diesel fuel was still achieved.  Transportation Services continually seeks ways to reduce diesel fuel consumption by using biodiesel when available, implementing routing efficiencies and reducing idle-time. 

classroom instruction

Students and faculty at schools are also supporting emission reduction initiatives by implementing “No-Idle Zones” in the car pickup lines and applying real life strategies to decrease the number of cars on the road. As part of their journey to become a Green School, Apopka Elementary students received an informative educational session from an OCPS Transportation employee. This presentation advised students on the importance of mass transportation.  With this new knowledge, students set out to determine their impact.  They conducted a survey to determine the mode of transportation students and staff use to get back and forth to school each day.  With the survey results, students created a graph which indicated that individual cars was the majority.  Then students took action: developing posters to remind parents to turn off their engines while in the car rider line and also participating in walk/bike to school days.