Water Conservation

image of a irrigation meter

The 2018-2019 OCPS Sustainability Goal is to reduce consumption of water to 21.35 gallons per square foot.  OCPS achieved a reduction in water over last year of 9.82%

The Sustainability Funded project to install Calsense irrigation systems on five (5) high school athletic fields saved the District 10,874 Kgal of water for irrigation use over the prior year. The new systems put watering on a specific schedule, have rain and moisture sensors which will stop the system from running if there is sufficient moisture present and will also shut down if there is a break in the pipe or sprinkler heads by sensing too much water flow.

Students are actively involved in water conservation efforts. As they learn about the water cycle and the Floridian Aquifer, they begin to understand the need to protect and save this valuable resource.  True learning is achieved when students see a problem and seek to solve it based upon their new found knowledge.

An incredible example of this occurred at Millennia Gardens Elementary Schools.  After learning about the importance of water, students noticed the air conditioning units on the portables had condensate water continually leaking onto the ground.  Students decided to take action and contacted a local hardware store to request the donation of buckets to capture the leaking water.  Now the water is reused on campus to irrigate flowers on campus.

portable classrooms 

Schools are also involved in water conservation efforts by conducting audits in their schools to determine where water wasting is occurring. Students are also helping develop awareness of the importance of water conservation by creating calendar and rain barrel artwork for two local water utilities.

image of student water conservation artwork

image of student painted rain barrels