McKay Scholarships for Public School

We are now accepting requests for public McKay for second semester only

2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR IS DECEMBER 4, 2018


Any intents filed through February 1, 2018 were for the 2017-2018 school year and expired April 30, 2018 

Intents for the 2018-2019 school year must be filed after February 1, 2018

The OCPS transfer policy outlines the guidelines for public McKay Scholarship options. The document can be found here. OCPS determines which specific public schools will be designated as McKay eligible public schools in December. Students who qualify for a public McKay Scholarship for the second semester are offered a school in December for the second semester, which begins January 7, 2019. The offer will be sent via US Mail to your home address by the last week of December.

Transportation is only provided for public McKay Scholarship students who are enrolled in the offered OCPS public McKay school.

There are no sibling transfers with the public or private McKay Scholarship program.

Prior to the approval of a public McKay Scholarship, the student’s data will be reviewed. 

Parents choosing the public school option of the McKay Scholarships Program are responsible for acknowledging and following the details below regarding public school McKay Scholarships. *Please note that in order to request the McKay public school option for the second semester, intent must be filed after February 1, 2018 and before December 1, 2018. See the chart below indicating deadlines for intents, requests, and enrollment for each semester:

Grading Period
Intent Deadline Request Deadline Enrollment Deadline

First Semester
7/3/2018 7/6/2018 (closed) 8/17/2018 (closed)

Second Semester
12/1/2018 12/4/2018 1/11/2019



  • Parents must complete the Public McKay Request form to request a public school option.

  • OCPS does not provide a list of public McKay schools because the schools may change.

  • Parent requests for specific schools will be considered, however school offers will be based on ESE program availability, transportation routes, student residence, school grade, etc.

  • ESE students who require intensive and/or specially designed services may not be approved for a public McKay transfer due to the need for a specific setting as determined by the IEP Team or 504 Team

  • Letters indicating final approval of a public McKay Scholarship will be mailed to families prior to the enrollment deadline above (remember the address on the School Choice website when you file for McKay should match the OCPS Student Management System (SMS) at the current school)

  • After receiving the letter, parents may choose to have their child remain at their current school, enroll in the offered public McKay school or elect the private McKay option

  • Parents who accept the offered public McKay school must withdraw their child from their current school and take the following documents to the offered McKay school for enrollment ASAP (must enroll by the deadline on the chart):

    • Withdrawal form signed and dated from previous school

    • OCPS McKay approval/offer letter

    • Proof of residence and other required registration/enrollment documents

  • Parents who do not accept the offered public school may email the district McKay office at and request a review to determine if there may be a second option

***Public McKay Scholarship students who are dismissed from ESE or 504 must withdraw from the McKay public school then must return to the zoned public school as they are no longer eligible for the McKay Scholarship***

***Parents must reapply for the McKay Scholarship for any Public McKay Scholarship students who want to go to a private school***

A private McKay student can return to a public school on a McKay Scholarship public option, however the parent must notify the district in writing a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to re-enrolling in a public school.  Refer to the deadline chart above to make sure the request is within the request deadlines for the grading period. Complete the Public McKay Request Form by clicking the orange button above.  A student who exercises this choice will need to reestablish eligibility by being in an October and February student survey before being eligible again for the private school option of the McKay Scholarship.

To access OCPS registration and withdrawal information, including electronic forms, click here

To access the Florida McKay Scholarship website click here

Further guidelines regarding the John McKay Scholarship program responsibilities can be found by accessing the FLDOE Office of Independent Education & Parental Choice website at

Florida's McKay Parent Hotline: 1-800-447-1636 

For more information, email the OCPS District McKay Office at

McKay letters

For the 2018-2019 
School Year

McKay letter 2018-19 (English)

McKay letter 2018-19 (Spanish)

McKay letter 2018-19 (Haitian Creole)

Contact Information


Beverly Knestrick
Director ESE Policy

District McKay Instructional Lead
Amy McCormick

District McKay Staff
Sabrina Britt
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