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ESE Transition Services

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Procedural Safeguards

Special Programs & Procedures

Florida's Multi-Tiered System of Supports

FLDOE Bureau of ESE Services

Florida Diagnostic Learning Resource System

Agency for Persons with Disabilities

Children's Medical Services

FLDOE BEESS Publications List
 Amended/ Adopted ESE Rules  NGSSS
 B.E.S.T Standards  AccessPoints Modified Standards 

Accommodations for Standardized Testing - Resources

Five Critical Questions that will Build Your Child's IEP - Resources

Family Network on Disabilities

Florida Department of Education Bureau of Exceptional Education Student Services (FLDOEBEESS)

Getting Ready for Your Child's IEP Meeting - This two-page document answers and gives proactive suggestions for what every parent can do before and after the IEP meeting.\

Developing Quality IEP's

Positive Student Profile - This PDF will give the IEP team a “snapshot” of your student. From strengths and successes to concerns and goals, this valuable tool will help craft the most helpful IEP for your student.

IEP Meeting Checklist - Step by step preparation guidelines and things every parent needs to know before their next IEP meeting.

Procedural Safeguards Resources

ESE Conflict Resolution Options
Dispute Resolution Processes Comparison
OCPS ESE Policy & Procedures
OCPS ESE Compliance 
OCPS ESE Dispute Resolution
Federal Department of Education IDEA website 
FLDOE BEESS Resource Information Center
Facilitated IEP Fact Sheet
Procedural Safeguards

Skills for Independence - Resources

Checklist Handout

Making Your Case: How to Educate Policymakers - Resources

Making Your Case Booklet

Opportunities: Middle to High School Transition - Resources

Diploma Options (for students who entered 9th grade DURING or AFTER 2014-2015)

High School Graduation Requirements (for students who entered 9th grade PRIOR to 2014-2015)

Diploma Options Criteria Chart (for students who entered 9th grade PRIOR to 2014-2015)

OCPS Career & Technical Education website