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For district health care questions you may contact Michelle Rutilius at 407-317-3200, ext. 2004085.

OCPS District Registered Nurses

OCPS has Registered District Nurses who monitor and provide guidance to school personnel. OCPS District Nurses provide education and training for management of health care issues, including acute and chronic conditions.

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Tracy Bixler 407-905-3200 x 2106739

Joani Charles

407-905-3200 x 2106739

Lissette Adams

407-737-1490 x 2096666

Laketa Jimenez

407- 318-3110 x 2025347

Maria Radulski

407-317-3740 x 2025950

Deborah Simmons

407-532-7970 x 2057287

 Ashley Wynn
 407-317-3200 x 2002652
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